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ClickBank Product: Ultimate Betting Manager #1 Most Profitable In 2019/20 Tracked/proven! (CMARKWICK) Analytics

Title: Ultimate Betting Manager #1 Most Profitable In 2019/20 Tracked/proven!

Description (for affiliates): Genuine Profitable Service, Easy Sale! Sports Betting Advice & Use Of Software With Monthly Membership Accounts. Potential To Earn Big Each Sale + Every Month! Tracked Results, Proven Statistics. Fully Transparent Service. 87% Of Sign Ups Stay With Us!

Description (for customers): ...Read More

Vendor URL: https://ultimatebettingmanager.com/&CBRehoppp2=https%3A%2F%2Fultimatebettingmanager.com%3Fhop%3Dhopchinese&hstr=1584081262855%7Chopchinese%7C%7C3ba05f3b-2913-4465-860e-5343c35bf563%7C%7Ccmarkwick&code=%7B0%2C%207%7D&key=9F6ACCA1&parms&ds=2&ts=01.2EEA45A6A

Category: Betting Systems

Sub Category: General

Activation Date: 2020-03-11

Current Status: active

Commission Rate
Initial Earnings Per Sale
Average Earnings Per Sale
Has Recurring Products
Rebill Commission Rate

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